“How Should we live our lives”

“ईश्वर से प्रेम, सज्जन पुरुषों से मित्रता,
दुखि पर दया और विरोधी के उपेक्षा”

“We should love God, be friendly to the right people, have compassion for the unfortunate and ignore the enemies”

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Guruji’s Biography

A baby boy, destined to be a true disciple of Bade Maharajshri, and the spiritual guide to so many, was born on the 2nd day of July, 1964, in a small village in Uttar Pradesh. Having lost his parents at an early age, he was brought up, along with two elder brothers, by his uncle. At the age of sixteen, he completed his 10th grade as an outstanding student at Artara, Hamirpur in 1980. His love for God and his thirst for Gnan impelled him to leave home, in search of God. While studying Sanskrit, he had the opportunity to associate with several learned and enlightened Mahatmas. He spent a year with Shri Roti Ram Babaji, a great Saint of the time.

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